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Saturday 30 June was finally so far: my goodbye party! My departure is not until July 30, but because people are going on holiday from the beginning of July I decided to celebrate it a month in advance.

Friday we’ve started with decorating the garden. There would be between forty and fifty people stopping by to say goodbye. We were very lucky that the weather was so good because so many people wouldn’t fit in our little house hahaha.

The whole Friday night and Saturday morning we have been busy making the appetizers because we expected a lot of people. Along with my best friend and my parents, I have been busy all day and in the afternoon began the beautiful celebration. Almost all the people I wanted came.

Dancing, music and singing

The goodbye party was a big hit. I have told everybody about my hostfamily, I have got a lot of gifts for myself and for my hostfamily and I have nice danced and sung false. Especially the last I did. When I’m with my best friend or my friends I always put my super cool, hip, absolutely no wrong music list of Spotify on. With the awesome name “Happy preppy car tunes” you can find my list on Sportify (or you scroll a little bit you can also find it down here).

The are just sing-along songs and we all sang along with my friends. When I participated in the singing was with ‘Rampeneren’ from The Partysquad I realized all of a sudden that I’m so lucky with all the girlfriends I have. That they are always hanging with me and that I can just be my crazy self.

All the American food!

A party at my home is not complete without snacks. And preferably in theme. Therefore we had during the party related only America snacks: pigs in a blanket (sausages in puff pastry), hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, American chips and the Topper of the day were the crispy potato bites.

These potato snacks comes from a recipe book of my hostmom. I wanted to surprise people with something they probably never have had. And it was a hit! Everyone wanted to try it and they were all super delicious. There was also a lot to the recipe called for and to make it easy for anyone to keep I have the recipe here on my blog.

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