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by It's a nory story

It’s a Nory Story is my personal blog where I write articles about food, the life of a millenial, au pair life and many more topics. My blog is personal and I wish no mocking comments towards me. In addition, it is not allowed to you on which account to do if me or my content without my permission and entry to use.

Sponsored articles

I work sometimes with companies/brands, which send me products to test for my blog. This affects my opinion does not, however, the reviews are always written from me and so also based on my opinion. So it may be that you do not like a product, but I want you with my blog don’t induce buying products. I just like to share products that I like or products that I like less, but that I always mentioned at.

To avoid confusion, I give the always on when I write an article in cooperation. At the bottom you will find such articles than ‘ this is a sponsored article.’ This means that I’ve gotten the product sent, I’ve gotten paid for the post or that the article contains a link which I get a portion of the proceeds. An affiliate link delivers you no extra cost on, but I can pay the cost of my website! A collaboration affects my opinion never.

 Photo use

I spend a lot of attention to my blog and everything that comes with it. All photos you can find in the articles are of me or of other persons having their photos royalty-free. I suggest this not. If you want to take pictures of my blog I would like to see a mail to info@norystory.nl and we can arrange something.

 Not liable

Just as I the product photos, other pictures and videos themselves make, are all articles written by me. To no rights can be derived from the contents of norystory.nl. I am not liable for any direct or indirect damage due to visiting my blog/social media channels or using products that I have appointed on my blog or social media channels. The information on my blog, can be changed by me at any time, to modify or correct any inaccuracies can complement information.

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