Only 10 days and then I go to America. That is why I start from today to do all things that I no longer can do when I’m gone. One thing is to spend a long day at the Efteling theme park. And I made a vlog about the whole day*

In the summer, the Efteling is longer open than normal. By ten o’clock in the morning until 11 pm I’m together with my sister-in-law Wendy in the Efteling. A nice extra feature is the fact that there is a ‘nine squares Festival’ during the summer. Starting from seven o’clock there are performances on nine different places in the park.

My favorite one was the appearance in the fairytale forest theatre. Wolf (of little Red Riding Hood) explained his side of the story and he told that there all lies in the book. I laughed very much at the spectacle.

*The vlog is only I Dutch but with English subtitles

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