Happy Halloween Y’all! This year I had my first American halloween. It was on a lot of surfaces different than at home. But otherwise doesn’t necessarily have to be bad because every way of celebrating halloween has its own pro’s and con’s.

It all started with a costume. I knew not at all what I wanted to buy and I did not picked the best costume. I don’t know why I didn’t looked earlier for one. I had finally bought a candy shop cutie costume. Well, it looked like it was really a candy shop costume, but instead of a cutie I was more a girl in a too small dress that has eaten all the candy from the store. So instead of a ‘ candy shop cutie ‘ I was more of a ‘ candy shop fatty ‘… I will spare you the pictures. There is, in fact, been enough halloween this year.

Pumpkin carving

And as bad as my costume was, I was as proud this year of my pumpkins. Anna, Elsa, Ash, Bob (my brother) and I went to a pumpkin patch. My hostmom warned us all that we had to take a wheelbarrow with us because the children would get the biggest pumpkins on the pumpkin patch. And she was soooo right. The largest and thickest one had to be chosen. Luckily we had a wheelbarrow.

With three large pumpkins it was time to think what would be cut out of the pumpkin. The girls knew it really fast: Tinker bell and Elsa. Not a self portrait of my hostkind Elsa but Elsa from Frozen. To avoid any misunderstanding, hahaha. Ash found it slightly harder to invent anything but the theme was clear: it had to be a Pokémon. First we ended up with a Totodile, a kind of crocodile Pokémon, but when the tooth fairy came along and gave Ash a Umbreon stuffy and then it was clear: it was going to be the Umbreon.

Carving the pumpkins together with the girls was too dangerous so I let them take out all the pulp. The only thing I needed to do was take of the top of the pumpkin, give the kids a spoon and a fork, and put a large bucket for the pulp in the middle. The rest I let Elsa, Anna and Ash do.

Normally I don’t really take much time for a pumpkin, but this year I wanted to go next-level. I have done my very best on pumpkins all day and the result is amazing!

Trick or treat

De grote berg snoep van de ‘trick or treat’ jacht. Foto: Nory Story

At home in Netherlands we scare children and we set up a bit trail out for the neighborhood. Here they do to trick or treat. You’re going with the kids along the door in your neighborhood and say ‘ Trick or treat! ‘ and then you get candy. Some people are not home or don’t want to be disturbed all night so they put a bowl of candy in front of the door. There was not a lot of decoration around here so it was mainly for the children. That made it of course no less fun because after an hour walking the streets we had lots of candy. It really was a big mountain that would be too much for three children. So then we, adults, us but on sacrifice to help them. What a bad life do I have hahaha.

Oh by the way, my favorite Halloween song is this one: Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. If you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear.

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