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The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the world

by It's a nory story
Photo: It’s a Nory Story

You know the saying: ‘ the grass is always greener on the other side ‘. It looks like everything is better on the other side, but let me tell you what: that is not always the truth!

In ‘ our ‘ backyard in America we have grass. The garden is fenced with those typical American wooden fences. If you get past the fence you see a forest and a large blackberry Bush. A large portion of the bush hangs in the garden leaving me with Anna, Elsa and Ash often go pick blackberries. This we can then eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Since we had been a weekend in Oregon were a ton of ripe blackberries.

A stinging beast or plant

Therefore I decided to take a big up went to go blackberry picking. Because a large part of the garden consists of grass I decided to walk on with bare feet in the grass. ‘That’s just normal right? ‘ you might think, and Yes I thought so too but apparently there is a difference between American and Dutch grass. American grass is a lot stiffer and harder than Dutch grass. In itself, I do have a thick skin (piggy foot and toes) so I won’t cut me. But I was stung by a beast or plant. On my little toe. Of my left foot.

As you can see in the picture below I have already sausage toes but the second from the left is very swollen. All the white stuff is creme, so it is not so that pus came out or so hahaha. I was just picking the blackberries and suddenly I felt a strong stinging sensation in my toe.

It felt as if you get stung by a mosquito and ran by the nettles. Luckily, I was on the end of my day and my hostdad was at home so I could cool my foot. However that didn’t work very much and my toe started to be thicker. It also began to prick a bit more and started to burn, but it was nothing really bad. I’m also not someone who will seek help quickly if I have pain. Usually it’s like this: If it come by itself, most of the time it will go away by itself.

Photo: It’s a Nory Story

At this, however, it was not. As I walked the burning pain got worse. My toe was also stiffer until I almost could no longer bend it. Fortunately, I have a great hostmom who works in a hospital. She has all special ointments for different occasions. One of them was the cream as above. It caused the itch would be less than it is now.

It has eventually taken to Wednesday until my toe was back in his ‘ normal ‘ state. It took some getting bale immediately in my first weeks that something had to be done. This gives again that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the world.

*The names of the children are obvious fictitious. This is done because of privacy reasons.

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