’Hey Nory, how are you doing? ‘, is a phrase that my parents often used as I was working on something. I can’t really remember when they used the phrase. Maybe when I was making homework. Or if they just wanted to ask how it goes. A lot of people ask my mom how it goes. But I can just as well tell it myself!

From west coast to east coast

As I mentioned in my previous article already told I still stay a longer time in America. I am now still with three families talking and all three living very close to New York. It sounds nice and popular but all three families want me very much like hahaha. With one I have next week a number of calls and then they want to me might be if their next au pair. I have had one conversation with the other. They sent me an email today that they want me as an au pair but that they also have some time need to think. Because an au pair for 9 months makes it more difficult to find the next au pair. Because you are sitting than in the middle of the school year. The third family I have not yet spoken but plenty of contact with it and that was all very cozy.

It is so clear that I go to the east coast go. I am very very happy with it because that means new States. Of course a lot of new people and myself from my ‘ Seattle ‘ comfort zone that I have created in the past six months.

host family

Snow storm

Last week it started very very hard to snow. It started around 12 and it fell so fast that we were already a few hours later and could play in the snow. Two snowmen, I have been able to make more because there was enough snow but I was too tired to do that.

I cannot even remember when the last time I saw so much snow. I also do not remember when the last time was that I saw that children had so much snow in one week.

That was the news for this week. Let’s see what the next time will bring!

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