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Lowcarb chickennuggets made from lowcarb crackers

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You’re well on your way with your lowcarb diet? Or are you, like me, stopped doing because you need now and than unhealthy but still healthy food? Today I made lowcarb chicken nuggets. With two different crusts. Because not everyone likes the almond flour that are used in many recipes.

The recipe is very easy and it’s also fun to do this together with your children. This lowcarb chicken nuggets are a good alternative than the real version, great with the vegetable Fries or just for lunch. Since there are many people who follow the lowcarb diet (lifestyle) also count all I have at the bottom of the article the nutritional values.

This do you need for 14 kha chicken nuggets with almond flour

  • 300 gram chickenfilet
  • 1 egg
  • 100 gram almond flour
  • Chicken spices
  • Olive oil

This do you need for 14 kha lowcarb chicken nuggets with crackers

How to make the chicken nuggets

Cut the chicken into fourteen pieces. Crack the egg into a bowl and Kahn the los. Stop the almond flour in another bowl. If you grab the version with the crispbread crackers then you need them in the food processor or finely times so you have small pieces. You can decide how small you want the pieces.

Season the chicken with chicken spices. It would also be without it but then is pretty little taste. In the meantime let the olive oil quiet hot in the wok. Make sure that there is definitely a thick layer of olive oil in it so that the chicken nuggets are fried.

If you have seasoned the chicken dip your him under in the egg and then in the almond flour/crispbread. Let him a few second and then you repeat it again so that you have a good layer to the chicken. Everything to here you would with your children can do. The chicken actually frying you should really do it yourself because the olive oil may splash.

Fry the chicken nugget until it is Brown and then you can let him drain on a paper towel. Then do a dipping sauce at and then you can will keep your belly full. I have for Belgian mayonnaise chosen because I have not to my fats from that day came.

 Nutritional values per chicken nugget

Almond flour chicken nugget: 3,95 gram egg whites, 0,74 gram carbs, 11,84 gram fat

Cripsbread chicken nugget: 3,08 gram egg whites, 0,86 gram carbs, 8,25 gram fat

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