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Two weeks ago I shared my recipe for tuna salad. And what you can do with tuna, that you can do with mackerel. We always eat broccoli soup with smoked mackerel, but we always have a lot of mackerel left. If you also have this problem here the recipe for homemade mackerel salad.

Just as with the tuna salad, it’s easy to have a food processor. That saves a lot of time and effort in the kitchen and it lay the threshold a lot lower to make yourself a mackerel salad instead of buying it in the store.

This is what you need:

  •  leftover smoked mackerel (about 3 or 4 large chunks)
  • red onion
  • Pickle
  • tablespoon mayonnaise
  • pepper and salt

As a wise man (my father) once said: “with smoked mackerel, you don’t have much to add. This already has a distinct flavor of itself. ” So therefore, this recipe is only made with five ingredients.

It is super easy. Stop everything in the food processor and mix it. Would you like a coarse salad then blend briefly a number of times. Would you like the smooth prefer something like mine then you just keep mixing until it is completely smooth. In between equally tests to see if the flavors are good. If it is then you can spread it on your sandwiches, on a wrap or in your pasta. The rest can be put in the refrigerator. so you can enjoy it multiple days.

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