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We would have actually fly around half past one. But who also fly more frequently with the plane has gone to know that time is almost never right. Yes that was with us too. After half a hour delay we flew towards our destination: New York City training school for au pairs!

Let’s start from the beginning. This morning I got up around half past 7. Together with my father, mother, brother and best friend Jolijn we left to Schiphol Airport.

Because it wasn’t busy at the road we were already at schiphol at 9 am while I had set up a meeting with the girls at 10 am. So I waited an hour. Luckily I was able to Skype with my best friend Teun. He is in Majorca but wanted to say goodbye. And Teun and Jolijn still had made a fun photo book for me and they both wanted to see me cry.And they succeeded hahaha

When everyone was there we went to the gate and we checked in our bags. We stood in the line for like an hour. It was so bad that we had to say farewell of our family very quickly because otherwise we would not get our flight. But luckily I was able to first my suitcase. I asked the Madam: “there must be something further be arranged?” And they answered that this was not the case. To which I answered again, “Okay, I’ll go now quickly back to me parents so I can cry with them”. Well, you had to see the face of that woman hahaha. She laughed and said that I had to go fast.

Cry, that’s what I certainly many have done. It is not nothing to leave your parents and brother alone. Let alone after the things that we as a family have been through. Just three months ago is Gijs died so that is already a child less that you can touch, and then that youngest brat a year away. So you go from three to one. But fortunately they come in October along when I 21 years word.

After we had taken his farewell I and the four girls in the direction of the security check. That was in 5-10 minutes settled. I find it always a hurry because you need your electronics los do, your bag apart, your coat in a bin and then also the fluids from your suitcase. Oh yes, I was so smart to my suitcase already to do so I come to a complete standstill in thick stress because I got him not open fast enough. You see it all for you?

Fortunately that went all well and we were very quickly at customs. The men where very nice and made a fun chat with us. But we had a nice chat actually fine because boarding had already started. So we rush rush to our gate. That was obvious already supervol with people that do on time had left. Fortunately we still in the plane so off we went then.

Flying itself went well. It was a 7:30 fiery flight so that was a long sit. Luckily I had very pleasant company and there were more than enough to see movies on the screen. We also got to eat twice; the first time chicken with potato puree and the second time a roll with chicken breast and Apple juice. The chicken was really really delicious but the roll was a lot less.

And then you come to in New York. At JFK airport. It felt so weird to finally in America. You dream for years and now you stand just on American soil. I knew what I had to do and I think I was so upset that I didn’t realize that I was actually in New York. Still not actually. That will probably come in handy when I’m at my hostfamily.

But first another week training school! Tomorrow we go to New York City!!

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