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Pike Place Market, the first Starbucks and a wall full of gum

by It's a nory story
Pike Place Market
Foto: It’s a Nory Story

Saturday was my first time in down town Seattle. My hostmom had an appointment in the city and since that was behind Pike Place Market I went with her. Pike place Market is (as it says) a market. You can compare a bit with the vershal in Eindhoven. All small businesses that sell different things: fresh fish, comicbooks, chicken burgers, flowers and paintings/drawings.

In addition to the Pike Place Market, there are two awesome places that are within 2 minutes ‘ walk. Those are the very first Starbucks in the world and ‘ the great gum wall of Seattle ‘. Actually, it was very much a coincidence that I ran along the gum wall. I was just walking around for a bit, without direct direction, and then all of a sudden I ran against the gum wall. Not literally of course because that would be gross. It was really cool to see, but also a bit dirty. I saw no one who a chewing gum stuck on the wall, I myself have had no gum with me so that I could not do it. But it looked cool.

Voor de great gun wall of Seattle Foto: It’s a Nory Story

Then I went outside and I saw the first made Starbucks store. I didn’t immediately know that that would be the Starbucks, but this was soon clear to me when I saw people taking all these photos. I had my camera with me and I stood by the Starbucks to make some photos of Pike Place Market. When I looked to the left I saw a man look to me in such a way of ‘ Yes, I want to actually ask you to take a picture of me and my friends but I do not know if you will run away with my phone’. Fortunately I look kind enough that he trusted me and he asked me to take a picture.

And I made some pictures. As a true photographer I picked up the phone and made pictures from all kinds of different positions. The man found it so great that he started laughing and said, “See guys, I knew we should have asked her because she knows what she does. While we’re doing this, can you also make a picture from us with the Pike Place Market? ” So there I went again as perfect photographer on going to make more pictures.

De Allereerste Starbucks Foto: It’s a Nory Story

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